If you own or operate a business and have unpaid employment taxes you want an experienced attorney to help you resolve this issue. Without experienced and aggressive legal representation, your business could be crippled before you know it. Secondarily, liability for unpaid employment taxes does not stay with just the business, but can also be spread to you, the business owner, and at times even its’ employees.

Fixing the Problem of Unpaid Employment Taxes

Luckily there are solutions for unpaid employment or payroll tax issues available to you. You may be able to file an Offer in Compromise, claim that you are Currently Not Collectible, or obtain a Penalty Abatement or Installment Agreement. Regardless of the solution, this can be a very overwhelming process and you need an experienced tax attorney on your side.

Michael C. Whelan JD CPA, is a former IRS attorney who has helped businesses large and small deal with these types of disputes involving unpaid employment or payroll taxes with state and federal agencies including:

  • Failure to pay state and federal unemployment taxes
  • Failure to pay state and federal withholding taxes
  • Failure to pay state sales tax

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