A tax attorney is a lawyer that focuses on tax law. They can be accommodating in certain situations, like when your tax liability debt is over $100,000 or when you have a business. When should you hire a tax attorney to file your taxes? Here are some suggestions.

1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Hiring a tax attorney any time of year is fine, but hiring them a few weeks before the tax season isn’t the best. Of course, a good attorney will take your case, but they’ll likely have to file extensions, which will compound the amount of work that must be done. Hiring an attorney for your taxes in the first quarter of the year to file the prior year’s taxes puts additional pressure on the situation. Hire an attorney ASAP to help file.

2. You Need Tax Relief

If you got behind on your business or personal taxes and want to get ahead of the problem, it’s a good idea to hire an attorney that can navigate the tax law and potentially find tax laws in your favor. The government takes tax evasion very seriously. The best way to avoid some of the many negative consequences is to hire an attorney ASAP to file your current year’s taxes and your past year’s taxes so you can catch up.

3. You’re Under Audit

If you’re notified that your taxes are under audit any time of the year, contact an attorney that can help. Don’t make the mistake of negotiating with the IRS by yourself, and don’t make the mistake of not filing the current year’s taxes. An attorney can help with the audit and your current year’s filing.

4. You Want Tax Planning Help

Tax attorneys are great for filing taxes and managing tax problems. They’re also great at helping you plan your taxes. It’s never too soon to plan your tax strategy. The tax year begins on January 1. Every year, the IRS runs on a different schedule. The fiscal year runs from October 1-September 30, according to the Federal Register.

You should call a tax attorney whenever you need expert advice concerning your taxes. Of course, call Michael C. Whelan JD CPA to get those taxes filed as soon as possible.