What Do I Need to Bring to My Appointment With a Tax Lawyer?

Battling the IRS isn’t always easy, but it can yield results. There were 119,853,012 individual tax refunds made in 2017 alone, according to CNN. The right tax lawyer can help you get out from underneath tax debt and get on with your life! Continue reading to find out what you need to bring to your appointment with a tax lawyer.

Official Documents

One of the easiest ways to plan for your tax lawyer appointment is to collect all the necessary documents in a binder or folder. Doing so will make it easy to keep track of everything and for you to make sure that you have everything that you need for your meeting. Unless stated by your lawyer, make copies of everything and hold onto the originals yourself. Your social security card or tax ID paperwork is step one in collecting official documents. You’ll also want to make sure that you have a list of your and your spouse’s birthdates and banking information.

Income and Expense Statements

You’ll also want to bring copies of your recent banking and expense statements, which are likely two of the most important documents for your tax lawyer. Bring all of your tax documents from the past few years because your lawyer will need to get a clear snapshot of your recent past and present financial history. When it comes to fighting the IRS, you’ll want to provide your legal team with as much relevant information as possible.

Documents and Notices From the IRS

Be sure to provide your attorney with all the communication you’ve received about your case from the IRS. This type of situation is one where if you’re not sure your lawyer will want or need to see a certain document, then you should just bring it. Any correspondence that you haven’t saved but is necessary can be obtained by contacting the IRS.

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