Top 5 Reasons to Seek Help From Tax Attorneys

When should you call tax attorneys and when should you try to work out your tax issues yourself? That’s a big question, and it’s highly dependent upon your personal or business situation. Tax attorneys can help in a variety of situations, after all.

If you’re wavering about whether to call a tax lawyer in your area, look at the following reasons other people seek assistance from the best tax lawyers they can find.

You Haven’t Paid Taxes in Years

As of two years ago, the IRS processed more than 100 million returns. What if yours wasn’t one of them? Will you get in trouble and end up needing a tax lien attorney? Not necessarily, if you don’t owe any taxes. On the other hand, if you simply never filed your taxes, you probably need some help. Even if the IRS hasn’t caught up with your case yet, you can be certain its personnel will diligently track down as many people who haven’t paid their taxes as possible. Rather than wait for a letter in the mail, contact tax attorneys now to talk about your options.

You Are Considering Filing for Bankruptcy

Have your debts gotten out of control? Tax attorneys can work with you to sort through even the most challenging of debt circumstances. Just be honest with your counsel. The best tax lawyer in the world can’t give you excellent suggestions unless you’re upfront about your situation. You may discover that filing for Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy isn’t needed if you consolidate your debt. Even if you do go the bankruptcy route, you will feel less stressed while working with compassionate tax attorneys.

You Had a Levy Placed on Your Bank Account

The IRS has myriad ways of getting the money it’s owed. One way is to put a levy on your bank account, which locks you out of accessing the funds. Want to know how to stop a levy on your bank account based on your case? A tax lawyer can analyze the facts and potentially get the levy lifted on your behalf.

You Have Been Audited and Feel the IRS Made Mistakes

Did you get audited by the IRS? The IRS takes audits seriously, but IRS agents can make errors just like anyone. If you suspect that the IRS is asking for more taxes than you should pay, call up tax attorneys who have dealt with the IRS. Better yet, find a tax lawyer who used to work for the IRS, and who can speak the agents’ language.

Above all else, don’t delay your search for a tax attorney if you think you might need legal assistance. Tax attorneys can provide tremendous insight and peace of mind when you’re mired in tax or debt problems.