How to Spot the Best Tax Attorneys

There’s an expression that says the only two things you can count on in life are death and taxes, meaning that they always come for everyone without fail. Unfortunately, taxes are complicated, and problems can come up for people who have had issues with their taxes in the past. For those people, they may need to hire a tax attorney to deal with the IRS or if you need to know how to stop a levy on your bank account.

There are certain things that the best tax attorneys tend to have and being able to spot them makes finding the best tax attorneys easier. So, make sure to look for these trademarks in a lawyer:

They Have Lots of Experience

One of the best things that a lawyer can have, regardless of what type of law they practice, is extensive experience with what they practice. In the case of a tax lawyer, having experience working for the IRS can be incredibly beneficial because it means that the lawyer will be experienced with their systems and ways of doing business. They know how they think, and why they do the things that they do. This gives them an advantage over tax attorneys who do not have that experience working on both sides of the coin. This extensive experience, working for either side, is a great benefit offered by the best tax attorneys.

They are Detail Orientated People

A good lawyer is a detail-orientated one. The way laws tend to be written leaves room for interpretation, and sometimes even contradict themselves. Interpreting the law falls to the court system, and with the benefit of a detail-orientated lawyer, there can be little aspects of the law that are used to your benefit. Furthermore, this type of lawyer will know older cases that they can rely on for precedent, which some lawyers may not have the same background knowledge on.

They are a Strong Communicator

It is absolutely vital for an attorney to be an excellent communicator in order to succeed. This is because they need to not just understand the issue at hand and have a good argument. You need to be able to convey that argument to be one of the best tax attorneys. This goes beyond verbal communication, which includes speaking confidently and clearly. Communication also encompasses non-verbal communication. Your posture, eye contact, and smile all say something about how you’re feeling, and as an attorney, if that body language says that you’re not confident then other people are less likely to buy your argument. Of course, communication doesn’t end there, as it extends critically into written communication for tax attorneys. Being able to communicate effectively, and across types of communication, is not easy, but it is vital to tax attorneys.

They are Good at Math

One reality for tax attorneys is that they need to be good at math. However, everything from statistics to calculus can be important for the best tax attorneys to know and know well. Even if they don’t use the principles of calculus or statistics while dealing with your taxes, these forms of math help develop strong analytical reasoning skills. This helps them understand the issues that you are having, and avoid small mistakes in calculations.

Having an issue with your taxes is incredibly stressful, but they are important as taxes are used to pay for things like social security, CHIP, and Medicare. Still, when you have issues you need the best tax attorneys available to make sure that everything is taken care of as quickly, professionally, and successfully as it possibly can be.