3 Tips For Hiring The Best Tax Lawyer

As a business owner, one of the most difficult challenges you face is dealing with tax issues. With so many laws and regulations, trying to manage your finances by yourself can be frustrating and overwhelming. Finding a competent tax attorney can help you get things under control and file your taxes in the proper way. Here are three tips for hiring the best tax lawyer:

Do Research

When looking for the best tax attorneys in your area, ask family, friends, and colleagues for recommendations. Scour the Internet for online reviews. Look for their qualifications and how long they have been in business. Check with the bar association in your state to make sure they are in good standing and no complaints have been filed against them. Pay attention to how much experience they have dealing with financial situations similar to yours.

Schedule A Consultation

Scheduling a consultation with a tax lawyer will give you a good idea if they are a good fit for you. You should make at least three separate consultations with different professionals before deciding on the best tax lawyer for your unique situation. Before your appointment, gather all your financial documents together so the tax lawyers can accurately assess your case. If you’ve received any IRS notices, bring them with you as well.

Ask the lawyer specific questions on how they address IRS claims. Administrative claims against an IRS wrongful seizure or levy can be filed within two years. In 2018, you only had nine months. Asking specific questions will help you determine how knowledgeable the tax lien attorney is with the issues you need to be handled.

Consider Costs

Cost is a big factor in determining what tax lawyer is best for your situation. Make sure you understand the lawyer’s billing process and what fees you’ll be charged before signing any contracts. You may or may not be asked to pay money upfront. Get everything in writing. Determine what is best for your budget and stick with it.

Picking the best tax lawyer can be invaluable for your business. You want to take as much time as possible and choose the one who will be able to handle your tax situation quickly and effectively. You should feel confident that the attorney is able to take care of your situation without any major problems.