3 Things To Do When the IRS Garnishes Your Wages or Levies Your Bank Account

If you’ve had a dispute with the IRS resulting in wage garnishment or a levy on your bank account, it’s time to resolve your problems with the IRS with the help of a tax attorney. A reputable tax lawyer will explain how to stop a levy on your bank account and can work with the IRS to attempt to mitigate wage garnishment, ensuring you have enough money for your usual living expenses.

When you discover a bank account levy or wage garnishment, take these three imperative actions without hesitation:

Confront the Problem Immediately

Do not ignore or avoid the wage garnishment or IRS bank levy. The problem will only continue. If you’re not sure about why your wages are being garnished, it’s important to understand that the IRS may collect any back taxes you owe for up to a decade. If you’ve filed a business tax return, the IRS has three years to audit you on those taxes.

Although you have two years to dispute an IRS seizure or levy (a nine-month increase from pre-2018 tax law), you shouldn’t wait. Legal proceedings take time, and the more time the best tax attorney has to deal with the IRS, the better the outcome.

Continue to File Current Taxes

To avoid getting into further trouble and incurring more legal fees, you should keep filing your taxes normally. Make sure to keep current, and keep your bank levy attorney in the loop by providing them with copies of your filed returns. The IRS provided 119,853,012 individual refunds in 2017, and you might be eligible this year. Filing current taxes could provide you with some relief in the form of a refund.

Find a Tax Lien Attorney Who Understands Both Sides

The most effective tax lien lawyer understands the perspective of the taxpayer and the IRS. The best tax attorney in Schaumburg, IL represents audited taxpayers as a certified public accountant (CPA) — and he used to be an IRS tax attorney. This inside perspective can help you get the best possible outcome when dealing with the IRS.

If you’re facing financial hardship or experiencing stress due to wage garnishment or bank account levy from the IRS, contact the best tax attorney today. It’s time to stand up to the IRS and find a solution that works for your lifestyle.